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Establishing Healthy Gaming Boundaries

Video Game Strategy

Video Game Boundaries
Video Game Boundaries

Hello Parents and Families,

Video games and social media are mainstays in the lives of nearly every child in the country. We can’t really escape it. There’s actually no need to run from these things as long as they are handled wisely and appropriately. This video provides excellent information and guidelines for Biblical parenting in today’s tech-savvy society. Please watch the video and make every possible effort to implement what you learn into your home’s video-game policies.

I also want to remind you that I am always willing to discuss any questions or thoughts you would like to share on this or any other lesson.

I have a deep personal interest in your family and I want the best God has in store for you. Parenting isn’t easy, but working together we can show your children the marvelous God we serve and that a life with him is more exciting than any game they will ever play.

Partnering With You,

Children’s Pastor

Kevin Crater

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