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Managing Mobile Tech (Part 2)

How to Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech

Work Together to Keep Your Kids Safe
Work Together to Keep Your Kids Safe

Hello Parents Families:

We are writing you to give you some inspiration and encouragement. Each blog is a quick little video (4 minutes) with some smart parenting advice to help you as parents. We hope with each of these blogs will be inspiring, challenging and encouraging.

We would like to let you know you are not alone as an individual or as a couple. We are here for you as a ministry. We want to support you, pray for you, and be available to back you up. We also are a community; there are other parents around you doing the same things you are doing. They are having the same conversations you are having at home. The biggest lie Satan can whisper in your ear as a parent is that you or your family is the only one struggling. You are not. Satan wants to attack parents because you are the first and last line of discipleship in the life of your family.

You can do it. Stay strong not by yourself, with our ministry, church, and the community of God’s people around you!

Praying for You-

Children’s Minister

Kevin Crater

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