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Managing Mobile Tech

How to Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech

Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech
Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech

Hello Wonderful Parents and Families of Our Children’s Ministry!

Parents, throughout the school year, our children have many different breaks. However the end of the school year is a 2 months summer break. With that being said, they will have more free time and you will have more family time to play outside and breathe fresh beautiful air and OH WAIT… your kids have mobile devices! Summer may not look like that anymore at your house. Summer may look like kids sitting in a corner with faces down swiping, clicking, and tapping?

This blog will help you take back real summer! This week’s topic is “How to Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech.” It is a virtual picnic basket full of great helpful hints and thoughts to get you ready for summer and beyond!

The key is we want to give you back some control when it comes to cellphones, tablets, and rest. We want you to be able to take back summer before it ever begins. Think about these helpful hints and put some of these ideas in place now so, by the time summer is here, it is just part of our house rules.

Have a blessed spring and super summer!

In Him,

Children’s Minister

Kevin Crater

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