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Hello Amazing Parents!

Yes, that is you! You are amazing! You may not hear it enough or feel like it enough either. If you are seeking to raise Godly kids in this crazy world, you are an amazing parent!

It is not an easy task, and you may feel like some days you are failing, but God is with you, and we are too. We always want to give you some love, help, and continued prayer!

One of the ways we work to keep you going on your amazing journey of parenting your kids is by offering up a variety of tools, like our “monthly toolbox resources” or our special monthly Online Parenting Classes.

During this blog, will help you as your raise children to be spiritually aware and growing in faith. I hope that gave you a quick boost toward continuing on, this month in your parental awesomeness.

Teaching your kids to be more spiritual aware is such an important thing.

Even for ourselves as parents, we need to be constantly working to keep ourselves aware of what God is doing in and around us!

Blessings on your Family,

Children’s Minister

Kevin Crater

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