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Establishing Healthy Gaming Boundaries (Part 2)

Gaming Boundaries

I know most of you have heard the question “What’s so wrong with video games?” The answer to that question cannot be answered with a simple sentence or two. In fact, there are positive aspects to SOME video games. . .

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Establishing Healthy Gaming Boundaries

Video Game Boundaries

Video games and social media are mainstays in the lives of nearly every child in the country. We can’t really escape it. There’s actually no need to run from these things as long as they are handled wisely and appropriately.

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My Child and Technology in the Home (Part 2)

Set Technology Boundaries

Do children need boundaries with technology? There are tons of bad things that COULD happen as your child uses his/her mobile device and setting boundaries on those will help protect them.

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My Child and Technology in the Home

Manage Screen Time Safely

How do we manage screen time such as TV, movies, video games, etc. with our child, and WHY should we put parameters around their use of technology anyway? This week’s video is going to tackle these questions, plus more. . .

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Keeping Our Children Safe Online (Part 2)

Online Safety For Our Kids

Before Paul tells us about the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5, he first helps us understand that the Holy Spirit stands in stark contrast to our selfish desires. . .

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Keeping Our Children Safe Online

Be Smart About Keeping Your Kids Safe

90% of children are online by 3rd grade. We live in a digital age. I mean for goodness sake, you are reading this online parenting class while connected to the Internet. The Internet is neutral, neither good or bad. However, just like real life, there can be some negative consequences if we don’t use it wisely.

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Managing Mobile Tech (Part 2)

Work Together to Keep Your Kids Safe

How to Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech Hello Parents Families: We are writing you to give you some inspiration and encouragement. Each blog is a quick little video (4 minutes) with some smart parenting advice to help you as parents. We hope with each of these blogs will be inspiring, challenging and encouraging. We…

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Managing Mobile Tech

Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech

This blog will help you take back real summer! This week’s topic is “How to Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech.” It is a virtual picnic basket full of great helpful hints and thoughts to get you ready for summer and beyond!

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Controlling Technology (Part 2)

Parenting is Heart Work

I pray that God would guard your child’s heart. It is part of our vision for our ministry to your child and your family. We want to do our best to protect children’s hearts from the things that can so easily hurt or even break them.

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Controlling Technology

Build Good Habits for Controlling technology

It’s all about teaching healthy habits in our home…emotionally, socially and spiritually. Your child needs some guardrails to start off with, to guide them toward a good balance. . .

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