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Controlling Technology, Part One

Build Good Habits for Controlling technology
Build Good Habits for Controlling technology

Hello Parents and Families:

Christmas time, birthdays, Spring break, and the end of the school year are the times where your kids are bringing you their wish list for you to look over. I’m sure, like almost every child their age in America, somewhere on that list is technology of some sort or form.

While we might want to buy them the newest and latest device, we are not always sure how to find the right balance of time, use, and control. Once they get that device, how do we set the right number of limits while also seeking to give them some freedom?

Hopefully this blog will help with this very thing.

It’s all about teaching healthy habits in our home…emotionally, socially and spiritually. Your child needs some guardrails to start off with, to guide them toward a good balance. While they might bump up against those rules and limits, it will keep them on the right path.

Remember, it starts with you setting the example as parents. Your children will do what they see, often more than what they are told. When there is a special time of year, with time off from school and work, make sure to put down your phone, turn off the TV, and put away the device. As much as you are excited about your new toy, make sure to show your family healthy habits of control too.

In Him,

Children’s Minister

Kevin Crater