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Spiritually Aware Kids (Part 2)

Hello Parents,

One of the greatest opportunities you have as a parent is opening your children’s eyes to God’s presence in our world. It is a wonderful moment when your children become more spiritually aware of their world and God’s work in it.

During this Parenting blog you will get a quick encouragement about “Raising Spiritually Aware Kids.”

Here are a few reflections and questions to consider after watching this month’s video:

  1. What are your insecurities when it comes to discussing God’s presence and personal faith with your children?
  2. How have you seen your own personal pursuit of God changing your family life?
  3. What is a verse that has been powerful in your journey of faith that you could share with your children?
  4. How can you make staying engaged in your church as a family a priority this summer?
  5. When and where will you have time together as a family during the summer months (mealtimes, long car rides…) that will give you opportunities to have spiritual conversations?

We hope your having fun and exciting times as a family, but they are also moments of God making you all more aware of His presence!

Blessing on Your Home,

Children’s Minister

Kevin Crater

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