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Book: Engaging Your Teen’s World

Engaging Your Teen's World

Despite the many challenges facing teens and their parents, this frank, insightful, and practical book offers a hopeful view toward the long-term goals of your relationship with your teen and for their relationship with the Lord.

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Don’t overcomplicate discipleship with your kids. Keep it simple and consistent.

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Screen Time (Part 2)

What is your child being exposed to?

“God didn’t create this beautiful world and the people in it so we can shut it all out for the sake of animation and lightening-speed processing.”

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Screen Time

What is Screen Time REALLY Doing to Your Kid's Brain?

Dear Parents and Families, This is the digital age and the age of rapid technological advancement. We can’t run from it, so we have to make sure we understand it, are in tune to it, and most importantly, in control of it—rather than letting it control us or our kids. This Parenting video will help…

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